Architectural cladding systems- Geelong, Bellerine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Melbourne.

Commercial and domestic architectural cladding

The experienced team at Total Comfort Plumbing Services specialises in making your building stand out with striking architectural cladding systems. No matter whether you’re building brand-new or adding an extension to your existing property, we can help you create a modern and elegant façade.

Our team has experience fitting architectural cladding systems to suit the aesthetics and conditions in a wide range of areas across Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and the Surf Coast. Top-quality architectural cladding installed by Total Comfort Plumbing Services protects your home and is created to last.

Working with industry leading brands, including VM Zinc and COLORBOND®, we can add instant value to your property and protection from damaging or corrosive weather conditions – ideal for homes or business in Victoria’s popular coastal areas. We are VM Zinc certified installers, so you can be assured of our high-quality workmanship and enjoy full warranty benefits.

Breathe new life into your buildings with a range of modern commercial and domestic architectural cladding systems, improving aesthetic, value and weather-resistance. Whether you want to create a focal point, or want modern, water-tight roofing, we have the expertise to deliver custom cladding.

Ask us about contemporary domestic and commercial façade cladding in a range of colours to suit a wide range of architectural styles. We can also provide advice about the different types of architectural cladding systems available to suit your needs.

APS rib cladding

APS rib cladding is a simple and cost-effective roofing solution offering easily customisable rib heights and panel widths. A versatile product with a diverse range of residential and commercial applications, APS rib cladding requires drastically less labour than other roofing solutions and comes in a unique clip tray style rib in both 25mm and 38mm options.

Interlocking panels

Lightweight, low-maintenance interlocking panels can be installed diagonal, vertical or horizontal – and even curved. This European-style architectural cladding features a flat, recessed joint system, with varying panel and joint widths allowing design flexibility. Interlocking panels can be applied in traditional, sharp lines or using staggered joints and different panel lengths for a modern, designer twist. Suitable for interior and exterior cladding.

Flat lock panels

Also called tiled or staggered brick cladding, flat lock is a traditional panel cladding system, creating a unique aesthetic using reflected light. Interlocking folds on all four sides provide an elegant flat look, concealing all fixings. Flat lock panels are available in rectangle, square and diamond shapes.

Standing seam cladding

A popular choice, standing seam cladding is widely used in domestic and commercial façade cladding due to excellent weather resistance qualities and a unique visual appeal. With a lightweight design, featuring a thin tray shape with over and under lap either side, standing seam cladding offers mechanical and watertight closing. Panel options include horizontal, vertical and diagonal, staggered, tapered and splayed to suit both contemporary and heritage façades.

Cassette panel cladding system

With concealed fixing and no caulking or silicone joints required, cassette panel cladding systems offer maintenance-free architectural façades. With a modern and flat appearance, this façade cladding is ideal for large areas. Cassette panel cladding can be installed horizontal or vertical.

Nail strip panelling

Nail strip panelling has a versatile, clip-less design that suits almost any building. Our architectural cladding team can use different-sized panels to create stunning, durable and weather-resistant façades for homes and businesses.

Snap lock cladding

Also called ribbon tray cladding, snap lock cladding can be fitted vertical or horizontal, with concealed fixings making it suitable for residential and commercial façade cladding. With thin ribs and wide trays, snap lock cladding mimics the visual appeal of standing seam cladding, but with a lapping clip system holding each rib in place. This cladding system is ideal for high rainfall areas and economic for larger areas.

Composite cladding

Composite cladding can be custom cut, folded and formed to suit specific requirements. Contact Total Comfort Plumbing Services to find out more about the wide variety of lightweight and low-maintenance composite cladding materials available, including aluminium, stainless steel, copper and titanium-zinc, plus a huge range of cladding colours and finishes.