Commercial architectural cladding for Apollo Bay church

Completed May 2016

Commercial architectural cladding is a popular choice for building extensions, adding cost-effective weather protection and acting as a design feature in itself. The Total Comfort Plumbing Services team used architectural cladding to help bring a modern aesthetic to the Apollo Bay church as part of the church extension project.

Working together with the Apollo Bay Building Group on this high-end project, we installed COLORBOND® Ultra standing seam cladding to the extension of the church. Standing seam cladding was the obvious choice – being versatile, cost effective and lightweight, for easy installation.

COLORBOND® Ultra steel is custom-designed to suit coastal conditions and provide effective corrosion protection. For the church, our commercial architectural cladding specialists chose a traditional vertical installation that’s completely watertight.

At Total Comfort Plumbing Services, we use only the best finishes for maximum impact. For this project we chose the strong yet neutral Monument® colour, ensuring the building will look elegant for years to come and stand out for all the right reasons.

Commercial architectural cladding is a perfect way to add a touch of modern elegance to an existing building, without detracting from the original. Take a look at the Apollo Bay church gallery below, and please contact us if you have an upcoming extension project.